Monique the Teacher

Ms. McDonald has recently been appointed Executive Director and Master Teacher at The Institute For Musical Arts, NYC.  It is her pleasure to share the same passion that she brings to the stage with artists in all stages of development.
The Institute for Musical Arts is a unique conservatory that provides a safe space for singers/professional speakers/instrumentalists to explore and develop the power and unique colors of the human voice through the breath that supports it.  It provides a personalized curriculum designed to meet artists’ individual needs.
The I.M.A. welcomes artists interested in a professional career as well as those whose pursuit of mastery in the human voice is personal. Our institute uses a myriad of vocal, dramatic, physical, metaphysical, and psychological techniques in its fertile training ground to unleash the fully realized performer.
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"Having Monique in the front row is like having your own personal cheering squad with you at all times. Her exuberance, her sheer love of sound and emoting are beyond infectious. I really can’temphasize this aspect enough… I’ve never in my life had just one person to sing to and felt the energy coming back ten-fold.” 
- Lawrence Bianco, Tenor
"Monique is one of the most amazing instructors I've ever had. Her lessons are completely personalized, working not just with my instrument but with the core of who I am. Her insight and knowledge of performance clearly transcend my instrument. I'd recommend her to instrumentalists wishing to excel in their careers. Monique's depth of understanding, love, and encouragement make her unparalleled in the field of arts education."
- Kiah Abendroth, Trumpet